• Rajarambapu College Of Sugar Technology
    Sanction by Government Of Maharashtra
    Affiliated to Shivaji University Of Kolhapur
  • *Urgently wanted......Post of Lecturer:- Sugar technology Qualification:- B.Sc/AVSI,Post of Lecturer:- Alcohol technology Qualification:- B.Sc/DIFT,Post of Lecturer:- Chemistry Qualification:- M.Sc(Organic Chemistry),Post of Lecturer:- Chemical Engineer Qualification:- M.E(Chemical),
    *Post of librarian Qualification:-M.Lib,*Post of Instructor Civil Engineering/Supervisor Qualification:-B.E (civil),Post of Instructor Mechanical Qualification:-Diploma (Mech),Post of Instructor Electrical Qualification:-Di*ploma (Electrical),Post of Instructor Computer Qualification:-M.C.A*
  • Sugartechnology Department
    Sr.No. Name Post Subject
    1 Mr. V.R.Kaledhonkar Technical Director Sugar Technology

    University Selection Committee 2016-2017
    Sr.No. Name Post Subject
    1 Dr. S. P. Govindwar Principal -
    2 Mr. A. B. Mujawar Director of Physical Education -
    3 Miss. A. M. Bhalekar Asst. Professor Chemistry(Organic)
    4 Miss .N. M. Patil Asst. Professor Chemistry(Analytical)
    5 Mr. R. V. Kulkarni Asst. Professor Sugar Technology
    6 Mr. U. S. Chavan Asst. Professor Sugar Chemistry
    7 Mr. S. A. Mane Asst. Professor Alcohol Technology
    8 Mr. B. S. Kotbagi Asst. Professor Sugar Technology

    Local Selection Committee 2016-2017
    Sr.No. Name Post Subject
    1 Mr. A.V.Magdum Asst. Professor Instrumentation Engineering
    2 Mr. S. S. Pawar Asst. Professor Chemical Engineering
    3 Mr. V. H. Kolekar Asst. Professor Sugar Engineering
    4 Mr. V. A. Ugale Librarian -
    5 Mr. R. M. Pawar Tech. Assistant -
    6 Miss. S.S. Arekar Tech. Assistant -

    Visiting CHB Staff
    Sr.No. Name Subject
    1 Mrs. S. P. Patil Agriculture
    2 Mr. A. M. Ghatge Statistics
    3 Miss. A. R. Patil Mathematics
    4 Mr. S. S. Suryawanshi English
    5 Mr. S. B. Shaikh Physics
    6 Mr. N. R. Savekar Sugar Engineering
    7 Mr. D. M. Ghalasashi Water Mgmt. in Co-gen